Concord Oval

Concord Oval (capacity 1,985) is a sports ground located in Sydney, Australia. It was previously called Waratah Stadium.

Concord Oval has an average home advantage of 8.5 points.

Concord Oval Fixtures 2008

There are currently no rugby games scheduled for Concord Oval.

Recent Results

Kickoff DateTimeGameType
30 Jul 1988Australia 9 lost to New Zealand 30Bledisloe Cup
3 Jul 1988Australia 7 lost to New Zealand 32Bledisloe Cup
12 Jun 1988Australia 28 defeated England 8
25 Jul 1987Australia 16 lost to New Zealand 30Bledisloe Cup
13 Jun 1987Australia 24 lost to France 30Rugby World Cup
7 Jun 1987Australia 33 defeated Ireland 15Rugby World Cup
3 Jun 1987Australia 42 defeated Japan 23Rugby World Cup